How it's like to work with us

Remote workflow

Remote workflow

Want to work from here? You got it!

We believe in freedom and we want you to embrace it while working at Haikode — you have the right to pick your favourite place on Earth.

That’s why everyone in our company creates his or her own work environment.

If you’ve never worked remotely before, here is a good start — Remote by Jason Fried.



So you want to use that shiny new framework? Tell us why it’s better, and you’re ready to go!

We use the industry’s best tools and technologies. Always trying new things to deliver higher quality, in less time.

We contribute as much as we can to the open source community. Everyone should have the access to high quality code in order to create great stuff.


Transparency & Openness

We don’t keep anything secret.

We empower all of our staff to co-create the company, ensuring our communication channels are open and accessible.

We share some interests, hobbies, and support our employees when it comes to their long-term goals.


Being a coder

Well this code looks bad, I’ll find a quick hack and not touch it ever again.
I don't need my team, I'll work 16 hours straight and get the job done quickly. I'll skip the docs and tests for this one just to be quick.
How come they don't understand the brilliance of my solution? It's so obvious!
Oh, that's ArnoldC code! I won't touch it, I've never written a line of it.
This bug is caused by external library. The open source lib is broken, they couldn't even do this one thing right.. I will create my own solution.
Writing this report every week is so repetitive..
I think I have a better way of doing this.. But what if it's wrong? I'll keep my mouth shut.

Being a Haikoder

We'll have to refactor this.
I'll inform my team about the problem — I'm sure they'll understand and we're going to find a solution.
Let's listen to all ideas. What I can learn from them?
Bring it on! Let's write some ArnoldC, it's fun!
That's a useful piece of code, maybe I can fix the library, post a merge request, get it accepted, and bathe in eternal developer glory?
I refuse to do such mundane work. Let's automate this.
I'll bring it up in a discussion with my team, we'll see how we can make the project better. I might learn a lot along the way.

Open positions

Haikode poet (Web developer)


  • Practical programming experience using one or more web scripting languages (Python, Ruby, ..)
  • Experience with building complex web applications
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and essential front-end libraries/frameworks (jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Experience working with SQL databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with at least one MVC framework (Django, Rails), and other design patterns used in web
  • Basic knowledge about how browsers work
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Interest in performance and optimisation
  • Self-sufficiency and creativity — we'll expect you'll find a solution to most problems
  • Experience with version control systems — we use GIT
  • Basic administration skills (how to deploy things, how to scale)
  • Fluent in English — we use it on a daily basis

Nice to have

  • NoSQL data storage systems experience (MongoDB, Redis)
  • Experience with front-end frameworks (Backbone.JS, AngularJS)
  • Knowledge of front-end tooling (Yeoman, Grunt/Gulp, Sass)
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Comfortable with unix environments (CLI, bash scripting etc.)